Greetings and Salutations,

Welcome to Phantasee's writing space.

Come explore the worlds of their imagination which are filled with wild adventures, epic magic, rich dialogue, philosophical pontifications and spiritual enquiries. The worlds will be explored with a wild cast of archetypal characters who serve as the foundations for each story.

This site has a few different sections - and more will be added and expanded over time - however for now the primary section to explore is the Writing page. That being said, most of Phantasee's future work will be published to their medium page and then eventually published as e-books.

Current Project:
- The Boheme Chronicles: The Boheme Chronicles are a series of stories that follow the adventures of the protagonist Solas O Tuathail and his Bohemian companions as they traverse and explore the metaverse of Star Atlas wherein these stories are set. An indepth wiki is currently being created as are the initial stories. These stories will be published to medium as chapters.

Future projects may include:
- Awesome RPG Game on a 6x6 Estate in the Sandbox
- NFTs of story characters
- Short story NFTs
- Epic fantasy novel

Have a look around and get in Contact if you wish to collaborate or work with Phantasee.

"He who dares Dream has the power to make Dreams come true." - Phantasee